“There’s something special about you,” said music industry titan, Simon Cowell on national television to a fresh faced, young contestant.  And boy was he right.


On the surface, Caly Bevier may have appeared to be destined for big things… a popular, pretty cheerleader with lots of friends, lots of personality and lots of talent.  But if all of that seems to be a recipe for an easy ride to success, think again.  The real story behind the 18-year-old budding pop star comes with larger obstacles than most face in their entire lives.

Growing up in northwest Ohio, Caly along with her parents and 3 siblings, moved around a lot.   The constant hustle of providing for a full family made it hard to settle down in any one place for long.  By her mid teens, Caly lived in 14 different homes and found herself constantly reinventing her circle of friends.  However, she spent her youth happy, knowing she had everything she needed – a loving, supportive family, her health and even a developing creative outlet in singing.   

Things changed drastically though in the summer of 2015.  Although Caly had felt a growing lump in her stomach area for nearly a year, it wasn’t until she was in a bathing suit around family that her parents noticed just how big of problem the lump had become.   They immediately brought her in to be examined. 

“The doctor told me I was pregnant which I knew was literally impossible” says Bevier.   “So she sent me to get more blood work done and then eventually an ultrasound.  That’s when they realized I had a tumor.”

At age 15, Caly was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. 

The months that followed were filled with activities no teen should have to go through.   High school, trips to the movie theater, and long hang out sessions with friends were replaced with home schooling, chemo treatments and lots of sleeping while she fought to get her health back.   For many, this kind of battle at this young of an age would be enough to send anyone into a state of depression.  But there’s something special about Caly.

Instead, Caly decided to fight.  And inspire.  And eventually, win.  Nothing in front of Caly seemed too big to conquer.  Not even this.   She fought through the entire process, staying positive, determined to not miss out on what the future had planned for her.

Simultaneously, her passion for music was growing.  After recording a version of Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” while still sick, Caly’s father Adam posted a video of the recording on Facebook along with an accompanying photo slide show.  Many of the others in her hospital had seen the video, which lead to a special request.  The family of another young patient was hosting a fundraiser and asked Caly to not only attend, but to perform “Fight Song” as she did in the popular Facebook video.  Little did she know, this upcoming performance would wind up changing the course of her entire life.

As a proud parent would, Adam filmed this performance and uploaded it to YouTube, not expecting what was about to come.  The following day, the video had been seen by literally hundreds of thousands of people.   Overnight, Caly had become an internet sensation.  The heartwarming video showcasing the unbelievable voice coming out of this sick teenager became so popular that one new fan decided to reach out with a phone call.  That fan was Ellen DeGeneres. 

Ellen noticed that something special, and asked for Caly to fly out to LA to be a guest on her show.  Although battling a tough bout of the flu, which would leave her without much of a voice, Caly fought through it knowing this was a once in a lifetime opportunity.   And because that’s what fighters do.  As if that wasn’t exciting enough, Ellen surprised her even further when she brought Rachel Platten out to sing along side Caly.  Cue the second viral video staring Caly Bevier. 

Taking notice of this newfound fame was the hit television series, “America’s Got Talent” who came knocking shortly thereafter, asking for Caly to audition.  And audition she did.

With virtually no experience but armed with an undeniably beautiful voice and an inspiring story of determination, the then 16-year-old made her way out onto the stage, in front of the cameras, the crowd and celebrity judges, as if she already had them in the palm of her hand.

“The second I walked out there, I had this weird feeling that this was where I belonged.  I felt comfortable.  And any nerves I had before were suddenly gone” recounts Caly.

The performance she gave would not only soon trigger her third viral video, but also left few dry eyes in the house, and sent her straight through to the quarter finals.  Simon Cowell, the man known as the most famous and most critical talent judge in the world, decided to use his one and only “golden buzzer” to fast track her to the top.  In addition to his “something special” quote, Cowell also said “I see big things happening for you”.  Again, the man was right.

More performances on the show would come, quickly growing her fan base online and spreading her story to the world.  After AGT ended in the fall of 2016, Bevier was not about to let her talents go to waste.  She was determined to get her music career started, regardless of how tough a battle that would be, knowing the odds.   Yet it was another fight she was ready for.

Just a few months later in early 2017, Caly signed with a major management company in Primary Wave and quickly moved herself to LA where the creative community is.  She’s now spending her days in the studio with some of the industry’s top producers and writers crafting her first batch of original material.  People like Bonnie McKee (Katy Perry, Britney Spears), Mike Green (5 Seconds of Summer, Gwen Stefani) and Joe Garrett (Zayn) are who Caly finds herself working along side in various studios throughout her new hometown.  She has also performed at a number of one off events such as the Angel Ball in NYC along with such names as Kevin Hart and Earth, Wind & Fire, and Philly Fights Cancer which she co-headlined with John Legend. She also sang the national anthem at the NASCAR all-star race in May which was televised on FS1 and at 3 different NFL games.  Caly was even seen performing on Jump, Jive & Thrive which aired on CBS.  All the while, her growing fan army, known as Team Caly are supporting her along the way, following her every move online.

Her goal is to get her own music released in the near future.  As for what to expect out of her songs, Caly says “The vibe of the music is dance pop, but with an edge.  Not your typical bubble gum pop.  I want my songs to make you want to roll down your windows and drive fast”.

With the industry now buzzing, her never ending talent and the determination to fight through any obstacle in her way, its clear that we are all watching the growth and development of one of the industry’s next brightest stars.   Stay tuned as Caly Bevier continues to prove that she truly is… something special.